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ビジネスタイプ: 貿易会社
製品とサービス: ①物流機器:ケミカル、医薬品、化粧品や食品用IBCタンク、パレット、カゴ台車、折り畳みコンテナなど ②圧力容器:危険物容器、ビール醗酵タンク、ヤクルトタンクなど ③機械:充填設備、包装設備、タンブラー乾燥機、ラベラーなど ④OEM板金製品:架台、流し台、作業台、自転車ラックなど ⑤建材:グラスファイバ-メッシュ、樹脂ワッシャーなど
場所: Liaoning, China
設立年: 2008
年に輸出開始: 2005
従業員なし: 5 - 10 人
総売上(前年): Below US$1 Million
主要取引先: 東アジア,東南アジア,国内市場,北アメリカ,中央アメリカ
認証: ISO9001,ISO9001,ISO9001,ISO9001
製品認証: trade mark,Calibration Certificate
平均リードタイム: 30 日

Established in 2008, Kadoya Everbright Trading (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Japanese joint venture devoted to the design, development and production of stainless steel storage tank and other metal products. We have dozens of cooperating manufacturers in Dalian, Shanghai, Qingdao and Yangzhou. We have over 20 employees and our annual revenue exceeds USD 1.5 million. Of all our products 98% is exported worldwide. Our well-equipped facilities and strict quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to supply qualified products. As a trading company, we provide our customers with the most cost-effective products to suit their demands. All the products we supplied comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of markets throughout the world. Our efforts have been acknowledged by numerous customers like Kobayashi, Novartis and MEIWA INDUSTRY for assisting in technical innovation. Our field service department consists of several specialized crews experienced in on-site assistance. We can repair equipment at your location no matter how demanding the application. We'll help get your production up and running rapidly and effectively. Kadoya is striving to be a professional international trader as well as an enterprise with core competence in product research and development. Contact us today to learn more about our customized storage tank products and solutions.



貿易能力 東アジア : 55.00% 東南アジア : 13.00% もっと見る
生産能力 - - もっと見る
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