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ビジネスタイプ: メーカー, 貿易会社
製品とサービス: 応急処置キット、応急処置ボックス、応急処置ドレッシング、ピルボックス、防水包帯プロテクター、包帯、応急処置製品(応急処置キット、包帯)、医療製品(創傷排水システム、ハンド吸引ユニット、呼吸器エクササイザ、使い捨て喉頭鏡、フィラデルフィア頚椎襟、シリコーン蘇生バッグ)
場所: Guangdong, China
設立年: 2000
年に輸出開始: 1996
従業員なし: 101 - 200 人
総売上(前年): US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
主要取引先: 北アメリカ,オセアニア,国内市場,南部ヨーロッパ,東南アジア
認証: ISO13485,ISO13485
製品認証: EC Certificate,EC Certificate,EC Certificate,FDA,FDA,FDA,FDA,FDA,FDA,EC Certificate,EC Certificate,EC Certificate,DIN Certificate
平均リードタイム: 30 日

Firstar Healthcare Co., Ltd. has been one of the leading exporters of first aid kits and medical supplies in China since 1996. We have established extensive connections and good relations with both our qualified manufacturers and our esteemed clients worldwide Firstar's major products and services include but are not limited to first aid kits, car emergency kits, healthcare products, surgical products, blood collection and homecare products. We also offer buyer label and OEM service of a wide variety of products. Being a trusted supplier of the above products, Firstar works under the following main principles; quality, reliability, innovation, and close partnerships with customers. Our quality philosophy is to achieve product perfection and total customer satisfaction through the implementation and maintenance of an effective, rigorous quality assurance system. As a result, we have obtained ISO9002 and EC certification for our entire range of products. We realize the competitive nature of today's healthcare market and are committed to continuously investing in product development, bringing high quality, innovative and effective products to the market. At the same time, we guarantee quality and offer reasonable prices, so as to create the best value for our customers worldwide. We enjoy an upstanding reputation amongst our clientele, and our looking forward to building more successful partnerships with companies worldwide. If you are interested in any of our product range, please contact us directly with your inquiries.



貿易能力 北アメリカ : 17.00% オセアニア : 16.00% もっと見る
生産能力 工場サイズ : 5,000-10,000 平方メートル 生産ライン番号 : 10 もっと見る
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