Outdoor Decorative Program Control Led Water Fountain for Hotel

$20,000.00 - $350,000.00 / セット | 1 セット (最小。オーダー)
噴水 屋外噴水
数料(セット) 1 - 1 >1
米国東部時刻 (日数) 25 交渉可能
グラフィックのカスタマイズ (Min. Order: 1 セット)
カスタマイズされたロゴ (Min. Order: 1 セット)


カスタマイズされた噴水 (Min. Order: 1 セット) 閉じる
2 年
オンライン技術サポート, オンサイトインストール, オンサイトトレーニング, オンサイト検査, 無料のスペアパーツ
グラフィックデザイン, 3D モデルデザイン, のためのトータルソリューションプロジェクト
Guangdong, China
Aus 虹
屋外 led の噴水ホテル
110v 220v 380v/ 50-60hz
防水 dmx 512 カラフルな led ライト
Iec 標準防水ケーブル
Led の噴水ホテル、プール、公園、庭園、広場、など。
T/t 30% の deposite
10000 Set/Sets per Year
包装 & 出荷
Cartons & wooden cases for water fountain equipments
Guangzhou for water fountain equipments shipping
リードタイム: :
数料(Sets) 1 - 1 >1
米国東部時刻 (日数) 25 交渉対象
Project Information

Outdoor Decorative Program Control Led Water Fountain for Hotel

Water Fountain Description:
This hotel lobby fountain project is located in Guangzhou Sofitel Hotel, China. which is only landmark building with water fountain show on guangzhou avenue,With unique artistic atmosphere and customs, we combine the hotel's own culture to create a water show that is tailored to local conditions and staged in different stages.
The main body of the show uses the classic "crystal pagoda" model combined with a variety of water form combination forms, a channel of water and light crisscrossing, majestic atmosphere, sound, light, water, shadow, color to achieve a perfect combination, but also implies auspicious arrival, with a coherent water form will be the whole water show even as a clever whole.
Project site
Guangzhou Sofitel Hotel, ☆☆☆☆☆ level hotel
Irregular shape with widdest 9m, 2 layers and one layor is crystal pagaoda fountain, and then waterfall and then fountain
Finish time
September 20th, 2018
Hotel water fountain, Dancing water fountain, Led water fountain
IP68 underwater colorful LED lights 
Waterproof heavy rubber cover copper cable
Stainless steel #304 with 2.5mm thickness
Cast iron 380V/50HZ three phases
Controll software

Our factory step up fountain installtion on site and finish it with high level, Rainbows Fountain obtain highly praise from client by owning so strong control ability in large fountain projects.

Dancing Led Water Fountain after programming for your reference.
Project Case
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Saudi Arabic
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Fountain, Heyuan City

AUS Rainbow Fountain Project List in 2018
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AUS Rainbow Fountain Project List in 2017
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AUS Rainbow Fountain Project List in 2016
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Company Profile

Guangzhou Shuiguang Fountain Equipments Co., Ltd

—The specialist and leader in fountain art design & construction. We provide professional one-stop services, including fountain design, equipment manufacturing, on-site installation and after-sale maintenance. We have rich experience and provided service of fountain project construction for more than 20 countries. I believe our project cases will surprise you and give you some idea.
Our Advantages

Our Professional Service of Fountain Project:

Q1: What kind of services do you provide?
We provide fountain design, equipment manufacturing,on-site installation guidance, operation & maintenance training and 24-months
warranty & technical support.

Q2: Are you a trading company or factory?
We own 500 SQM office area and 20000 SQM factory area in Guangzhou.

Q3: Can you offer prices for one set fountain?
Fountain project is customized, each fountain is different, we can do more proper design proposal for your location.

Q4: What customers need to do for fountain design proposal?
a. Fountain site(Lake or river, pool or floor fountain.photos to show is better)
b. Fountain size & water depth( diameter, length & width. Autocad drawing is better)
c. Fountain type: musical dancing fountain or non-music
d. Water quality: salty water or fresh water
e. Voltage & HZ for fountain zone(one phase or 3 phase)
f. Target budget(lt is the most efficient way for us to offer proper design)
g. Other special requirements

Q5:Can you go abroad for installation?
Yes, we own 40 people installation team (all have oversea installation experience), so we can arrange engineers to your country
for guiding installation and programming and debugging and training operation & after sale service.
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