Brand New Huawei MA5633 DOCSIS3.0/DOCSIS3.1 CMTS

$1.00 - $800.00 / pcs | 1.0 pcs (最小。オーダー)
サポート 海輸
Beijing, China
Huawei 社
-40 ℃ 〜 + 55 ℃
1 * gpon
2 または 4 アウト rf ポートサポート
Ac: 220 v/110 v/60 v 電源
<8.6 キロ
を出力レベルは 4 × 104 dbuv
1000.0 Piece/Pieces per Month
包装 & 出荷
carton package with Huawei original package

                                      Brand New Huawei MA5633 DOCSIS3.0/DOCSIS3.1 CMTS

Product Description


High-performance Optical Network Units (ONUs) designed for bi-directional network restructuring in the broadcast and television industry — integrating voice, data, and video services.

The MA5631 and MA5632 models are Ethernet-over-Coaxial cable (EoC) devices, enabling Passive Optical Networking (PON) + EoC restructuring. The MA5633 is a Distributed Cable Modem Termination System (D-CMTS) with PON + D-CMTS support, enabling providers to boost CMTS bandwidth up to four times higher than traditional solutions.

MA563x Series ONUs are provisioned in the Central Office (CO) for leveraging existing Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial (HFC) networks to add voice, IPTV, and VIP private line services.

SmartAX ONUs with integrated EoC and PON support let cable TV and broadcast providers leverage existing HFC networks and offer VoIP, IPTV, video monitoring, and VIP private line services

  • Integrated optiCable design saves devices and network layers, simplifying network O&M
  • Super stable, high-performance bandwidth and support for 16 downstream frequencies at 800 Mbit/s plus 4 upstream frequencies at 160 Mbit/s allow a broad range of new service offerings
  • Designed with Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) OSS support, for provisioning in live networks, the SmartAX MA5633 can be deployed in live networks without changes to existing equipment or service provisioning methods
  • The SmartAX MA5633 ONU’s built-in power amplifier and optical modules combine functions, simplify network architecture, and reduce costs

MA5633 Product


MA5633 D3.0 CMC 

MA5633 D3.1 CMC 

Network-side Ports 

2 x GPON /GE 

1 x 10G GPON 

RF port 

4 RF outputs 

4 RF outputs or 2 RF outputs 

Optical transceiver 

2 x RX 

1 x RX 

0 or 2 x TX 

Packing & Shipping

carton package with Huawei original package




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ZISA Group success in past dozen of years can be directly linked to the fact that Company operates in a customer centric manner supplying innovative,cost-effective solutions of superior quality with 0 defects in the shortest possible time and professional service to global partners.


World-class,Software& hardware products and solutions for the ICT industry, founded in 2004 by a highly innovative team,ZISA Group designs,develops,tests and implements a diverse range of products, from concept to deployment.With over 500 R&D man-years of experience,ZISA is uniquely positioned to offer an array of world-class products and solutions to meet all hardware requirements of telecom service providers and telecom users, Enterprise ICT users and SMB Networking integrators.


ZISA combines expertise with experience to deliver state-of-art products and solutions spanning the wide spectrum of Fiber Copper,wireless Telecommunications and SMB solutions. The diverse range of products manufactured by ZISA includes GPON,DSL,Enterprise Class Switch and WiFi,Cloud-Software,SMB,SOHO networking solution and also innovative solution such as Wind-Energy and Smart Devices.


The Company also enjoys the stature of cooperating with global loyal partners to build Telecommunications ICT brand in countries of world.


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1.Delivery: Product quantity under 200,we can delivery in 3-5days after receive payment.


2.If there is any Technical configuration issues in our prduct, our technician can offer professional Technical support for you,let you without any worries.


3.Our factory is worldclass,with shipment reaching six million sets each year,product quality is guaranteed.


4.Warrany: ZISA offer 18 months warranty,we warrants your product to be free from physical defects in material and workmanship for a period of 18 months from the date of the original retail purchase. If you discover a defect covered by this warranty, we will repair or replace the product at our option using new or refurbished components.


5, We accept OEM/ODM

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